The Valley of Outdoors

Authentic and unspoiled

Known as the valley of the outdoors due to the many sporting activities that take place, the Val di Lima takes its name from the wild river Lima. The blue and clear waters of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennine river flow between the mountains creating an unforgettable landscape due to the abundant nature and the presence of limestone gorges such as the Orrido di Botri, whose inaccessible walls reach a height of 200 meters above sea level.
Woods, streams, canyons, and also medieval villages and fortresses make the Val di Lima the ideal place to experience moments of leisure, fun and unforgettable adventures. Captivated by the beauty its sights and by the adrenaline rush from its activities, the valley offers emotions that are worth experiencing at least once in a lifetime.

Ph. Davide Bonaventuri

Off Road headquarters

The Val di Lima Off Road office has it all. Members can change in the changing rooms, take a refreshing shower after an excursion, and rest in the dedicated relaxation area. An outside picnic area has also been designated for a snack! The structure wants for nothing and is completed by the garage and motor workshop. The courtyard is the starting point for Yamaha experiences with Quad, eBike and Enduro motorcycles: the woodland Paintball field is only 4 km from the headquarters.

The structure is has a mechanic’s  workshop, garage for our Yamaha fleet and a helicopter landing zone