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One team, many projects

A Team of
adventure professionals...

A young and trusted team that totally knows and loves the territory.
Their enthusiasm is engaging and their professionalism makes everyone feel safe.



Chatty, enthusiastic, energetic. He lives day to day; his head is in the clouds but his feet are firmly on the ground and always manages to work with unexpected seriousness.



The team chatterbox who can talk to everyone; he would be able to sell ice to the Eskimos. Always punctual and attentive to even the smallest detail.



Punctuality and organization are his strong points. He is able to find a solution to even the most difficult of problems and works well multitasking.



Our nature lover was born and lived in the countryside, has great knowledge of the local flora and fauna. He is now back home after having travelled the world.


Right hand man

Silent and calm, a notable expert of the Val di Lima. During the excursions he is always<br /> ready to surprise you with local anecdotes and interesting facts.



A motorbike lover and team leader of the Quad section, always ready for the next adventure<br /> Determined worker who manages to complete any project.



Prince Charming, who doesn’t arrive on white horse but on the back of his quad. Always smiling, he loves to entertain, but he always fights for compliance with the rules.


Dalai Lama

Usually not one to talk, a man of few words. Sometimes he gets lost in his own world but is always ready when you need him.

exciting projects

With the ‘Val di Lima Trees Project’, Val di Lima Off Road is committed to planting new trees in the valley. This is a commitment to offset CO2 emissions, reduce environmental impact and safeguard the forest heritage.
The ‘Off Road No Limits Project’ aims to get adults and children with disabilities closer to the off-road world. ‘Off Road Kids’ and ‘Off Road Women’ are two projects to impassion children and women into the wonderful world of Off Road.
Val di Lima Off Road is the trademark brand of Lucca Adventure Sport, an Amateur Sports Association (ASD) affiliated with Coni, the National Educational Sports Center (CSEN) and the Italian Federation of Sport Paintball (FISP). All activities are reserved for CSEN members; the membership card is issued in loco. For each member registration, 1 euro is donated to the Red Cross of Bagni di Lucca.

Val di Lima Off Road’s Partners